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Welcome to  Fellowship Freedom where we're "makin' faith fun!" Bible Mini-Golf, Worship Workout, Kristian Karaoke, Christian Circus and more! From the wild to the wonderful, from the adventurous to awesome. Your walk with God will never be the same. To learn more, including how you can participate and get involved, please, visit our "About" and "FAQ" page.

Building Fundraiser 

We need your help! We're chock full of "fun" ways to share the Good News - we just need a regular space to call home and make it all happen. Please, help us raise money for our next year's rent by making a donation and receive a FREE Gift of your choice for a donation of $100 or more! Our ministry is 100% volunteer, so every penny you give goes directly to the building fund and related materials. 

RAISED to DATE: $1,220    MINIMUM NEEDED (Estimated):$24,000
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