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Thank you for donating and supporting our ministry! We are a non-profit, Christian ministry promoting the Good News of God through creativity, ingenuity and freedom of expression. We are a 100% volunteer ministry, so every penny you provide goes directly to funding the physical needs of the ministry.

Devoted Donors
We rely and depend on consistent support from our Devoted Donors. With the prompting of God, our Devoted Donors make a monthly commitment to our ministry that provides the budget we can build on and allows us to truly flourish. Thank you for choosing to be a Devoted Donor!

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Individual Donation
Thank you for following the prompting of God's Spirit and donating to our ministry today!  We appreciate and value your support.

Non-Monetary Donations
In addition to financial support, we need non-monetary donations of every kind.  The following is a short ever-changing list of needs and please feel free to contact us regarding anything you want to donate that may not be listed here.

Mini-Golf/Golf Materials
Musical Instruments
Folding Chairs

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